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wgrib2: -set


Please see new grib for the basic concepts of making new grib files.

The -set option change specific fields of the in-memory grib (sub-)message. Expect the list of supported fields to expand as needed. At present, the -set option only changes fields within the grib file.


-set X Y             X=field, Y=integer/float/long long int
                     depending on X

                     To find the values of X, use: wgrib2 - -set help all

Fields (as of wgrib2 v2.0.1)

  1. discipline or table_0.0 (fixed v2.0.5)
  2. center
  3. subcenter
  4. master_table or table_1.0
  5. local_table or table_1.1
  6. background_process_id
  7. analysis_or_forecast_process_id
  8. model_version_date
  9. table_1.2
  10. table_1.3
  11. table_1.4
  12. table_3.0
  13. table_3.1 or GDT
  14. table_3.3
  15. table_3.4
  16. table_4.0 or PDT
  17. table_4.1
  18. table_4.2
  19. table_4.3
  20. table_4.6
  21. table_4.10
  22. table_4.11
  23. table_5.0 or DRT
  24. table_6.0

Fields (as of wgrib2 v2.0.8)

  1. most are obvious and take an integer argument
  2. %: integer 0..100, percentage forecast
  3. model_version_date: YYYYMMDDHHmmss, for PDT 4.60 and 4.61


$ wgrib2 -set center 99 -center
1:0:center=De Bilt, Netherlands
2:46042:center=De Bilt, Netherlands
3:63079:center=De Bilt, Netherlands
4.1:86046:center=De Bilt, Netherlands
The -set_var option will rename all the fields in a grib file. If you only want to rename specific fields, you will have to use the -if and -fi options.

See also: -fi, -grib, -grib_out, -if -set_metadata

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