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wgrib2: -grid_def


Sometimes wgrib2 does not know the locations of the grid points. Perhaps the wgrib2 code needs to be updated with routines to calculate the locations of the grid points. Perhaps the grid is unstructured and the locations are given on some web pages. The option, -grid_def, is for these cases. If the field has a the name LAUV, LAPP or NLAT, the field is copied to the lat[] variable within wgrib2. If the field is named LOUV, LOPP or ELON, the field is copied ot the lon[] variable within wgrib2. Once the lat[] and lon[] arrays are defined, wgrib2 then knows the location of the grid points. There are two caveats. First, the lat[] and lon[] arrays are erased on detecting a new grid definition. Second, wgrib2 normally works in double precision for the lat/lon calculations. By obtaining the lat/lon from the grib data, you are working in single precision.


 $ wgrib2 IN.grb -grib_def (rest of command line)

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