Phase 1: (completed)

    NCEP/NCAR (global) Reanalysis (1948-present)

  • continues as the CDAS (Climate Data Assimilation System)
  • used by Climate Prediction Center (CPC) for climate monitoring

Phase 2:

    Regional Reanalysis (1979-2003)

  • lead by Fedor Mesinger
  • Eta model with resolution of 40km or less
  • assimilate rainfall
  • North America domain
  • coordination with GEWEX
  • expect the regional reanalysis to be used by many new people
    NCEP/DOE AMIP-II Reanalysis (Reanalysis-2)

  • updated Global Reanalysis (1979-1997)
  • need for an interim global reanalysis for AMIP-II and
    boundary conditions for the Regional Reanalysis
  • much smaller effort than the N/N Reanalysis

Phase 3:

    new Global Reanalysis

  • "Future Trends" makes a new reanalysis worthwhile
    '94 vs '04 technology

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