Overview: Reanalysis-2



  • Supported by PCMDI (Program for Climate Model Diagnosis
    and Intercomparison) at Lawrence Livermore Nat. Lab.
  • Computations at DOE's Nat. Energy Research Center
  • Global 1979-1997
  • based on N/N Reanalysis
  • lead by Masao Kanamitsu
  • need for interim global reanalysis for AMIP-II and the
    Phase-2 Regional Reanalysis
  • fix the human errors that occurred in N/N Reanalysis
  • update/fix some of the parameterizations
  • improve the diagnostic output (ex. clouds, precision)

  • smaller effort so things are done differently
  • fewer people => use internet to have outside people to help
    evaluate the data
  • no tapes and no CD-ROMs (expensive and time-consuming)
  • distribute the analyses by the internet

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