NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis (1948-1998+)

  • first attempt at a reanalysis covering such a long period of time
  • more "advanced" than the then-current operational forecast model
  • data is used by many people for varied purposes
  • produced by people with a NWP background
  • a large project: human errors
  • not the final word

Future Trends:

    Better models

  • improvements in parameterizations (cloud, radiation, precip, etc)
  • improvements in the subsurface model
  • radiation code run more frequently (3 hours in N/N reanalysis)
  • higher horizontal resolution (Indian monsoon, orography)
  • higher vertical resolution (stratosphere)
    Better assimilation techniques

  • better theoretical techniques (ex 4D variational method)
  • assimilation of rainfall (development in ETA)
  • direct assimilation of radiances (in MRF)
  • (better) use of SSM/I data
  • "soil analysis"
  • Since much of the satellite data was not used in the N/N Reanalysis,
    there is a potential for a major improvements in the analyses.

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