Overview: Reanalysis-2



  • same resolution as N/N Reanalysis: T62 28 levels
  • same raw observed data
  • same dependence of temperature retrievals

  • fixed the Southern hemisphere PAOBS problem (79-92)
  • fixed snow cover analysis (74-94)
  • removed spectral snow problem

  • simple rainfall assimilation

  • updated precipitation parameterization (SAS vs Pan-Grell scheme)
  • smoothed orography (needed by new precipitation)
  • Hong-Pan planetary boundary layer (non-local diffusion)
  • CO2 (350 ppmv) AMIP-II constants
  • new ozone climatology
  • new short-wave radiation (Chou 1992)
  • run radiation code more frequently (1 hour vs 3 hours)
  • cloud-top cooling "fixed"
  • updated cloud parameterization
  • better cloud diagnostic fields
  • fixed cloud tuning
  • fixed snow melt term
  • better snow/water budget diagnostic fields

  • fixed oceanic and improved desert albedo (Briegleb 1982)
  • snow mask interpoled from weekly to daily values
  • improved sea-ice SST fields (AMIP-II, Mike Fiorino)

  • nudging of deep layer soil wetness removed
  • updated observational error table (assimilation system)

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