Easy to Use

The Annual Reanalysis CD-ROM was designed for


The Annual Reanalysis CD-ROM will work on the follow computers

MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows95
some UNIX machines (with GrADS installed)
untested: WindowsNT, OS/2
GrADS (index files, control files)
MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows95
HP/SGI/SUN Workstations
Linux (i386) boxes
untested: IBM RISC workstations, Apple PPC, WindowsNT, OS/2
Alpha: will have to remake the index files
GV (GrADS viewer, print, export to clipboard)
Windows 3.1 (16 bit version)
Windows95 (32 bit version, can run from demo)
untested: WindowsNT, OS/2
wgrib (GRIB decoder)
all reasonable 32+ bit computers with ANSI/ISO C compiler,
tested on: Alpha, Amiga, Cray, HP, Linux, MS-DOS, SGI, SUN, Windows
Data Files
GRIB is machine independent
cross-sections are f77 IEEE. However, can be computed from GRIB data.


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