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33rd Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop
Simulating Multi-Season Past Droughts

Author Abstract Title
Michela BiasuttiThe role of the Sahara Low in Sahel Rainfall Variability and Change in the CMIP3 Models
Annalisa Bracco, Fred Kucharski, Jin Ho Yoo and Franco MolteniModulation of Indian Summer rainfall by tropical Atlantic forcing
Robert BurgmanThe role of tropical Pacific SSTs in forcing Medieval hydroclimate
Antonietta CapotondiRelationship between decadal precipitation anomalies in the Southwestern U. S. and global SSTs: Insights from the IPCC multi-model ensemble
Tsing-Chang Chen, Joseph J. Tribbia, Shih-Yu Wang, and Adam J. ClarkDroughts in the Central Plains of the United States
Kerry H. Cook and Edward K. VizyHydrodynamics of the Caribbean low-level jet and its relationship to drought
Amin DezfuliThe AMO and Sahel Rainfall - strong potential for seasonal forecasting of droughts
Y. Fan, W. Wu and H. vandenDoolNorth American Drought in the Past 8 Decades
Ian Ferguson20th Century Drought Characteristics in Coupled Climate Simulations
Rong Fu, Wenhong Li, Lei Huang and Kingtse MoEvaluation of the climate models’ performance on the relationship of precipitation change over the SE US and SST changes over Pacific and Atlantic oceans
Lisa Goddard and Caio A. S. CoelhoEl Niño-induced tropical droughts in seasonal forecasts and climate change projections
Martin Hoerling, Jon Eischeid and Xiao-Wei QuanEarly Warning Indicators for U.S. Drought
Emilia Jin and David StrausOcean Forced Predictability of North American Drought
Kristopher B. Karnauskas, Antonio J. BusalacchiLow-frequency tropical Pacific forcing of multi-year North American drought in CMIP3 models
Randal KosterDrought-Induced Increases in Air Temperature: Variations with SST Regime
Hongmei Li, Aiguo Dai, Tianjun Zhou, and Jian LuResponses of East Asian Summer Monsoon to Historical SST and Atmospheric Forcing During 1950-2000
David Lorenz and Eric DeWeaverThe Role of the Land Surface and Sea Surface Temperatures in Perpetuating Drought
Bradfield LyonThe Joint Occurence of Summer Drought and Heat Waves in Coupled Models
Rachel R. McCrary, David A. RandallDo the AR4 IPCC models simulate the “Dust Bowl”?
Sumant NigamNorth American Droughts in the 20th Century: Role of SST Variability and Trend
Philip PegionMulti-model Response of Idealized SST Experiments within the US CLIVAR Drought
Xiao-Wei Quan, Martin Hoerling and Jon Eischeid20th Century U.S. Drought in Observations and CMIP Simulations
Alfredo Ruiz-BarradasSST North American Drought Links in 20th Century Simulations and 21st Century Climate Projections
Jae-Kyung E. Schemm, K. C. Mo and S.-H. YooPerpetual Sea Surface Temperature Forcing and Drought over the United States: CLIVAR Drought experiments
Sang-ik Shin, Robert S. Webb, and Prashant D. SardeshmukhThe impacts of tropical SSTs on the Regional Hydroclimate
Hailan Wang, Siegfried Schubert, Max Suarez and Randal KosterModel dependence on responses over the U.S. in idealized SST experiments
Scott WeaverWarm season variations in the low-level circulation and precipitation over the central United States in idealized SST experiments
Ning Zeng, Brian Cook, Jin-Ho YoonFuture drying of the southern Amazon and Central Brazil in the CMIP3 models: role of seasonality
Dongxiao Zhang and Michael J. McPhadenTrends in the Pacific Shallow Overturning Circulation, Tropical Pacific SST and the Hydrological Cycle

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