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33rd Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop
Observing and Monitoring Drought

Author Abstract Title
Randall S. Cerveny, Andrew W. Ellis and Robert C. BallingClimatological Isentropic Analysis as a Drought Detection/Monitoring Tool
Chipanshi A.C., Rahman M.M. and Fitzmaurice J.Estimating Soil Moisture for Drought Monitoring from MODIS Data Using a Thermal Inertia Approach
Wesley Ebisuzaki and Muthuvel ChelliahAn examination of the trend of precipitation characteristics over the continental United States
Akhmetova GaliyaSeismic activity on the Earth, changes of atmosphere circulation and droughts on the Northern hemisphere.
David S. GutzlerU.S. Drought statistics based on persistent seasonal climate anomalies
John JanowiakA tool for monitoring and forecasting the initiation, longevity, and demise of droughts
Richard Lawford, Ronald StewartThe Drought Research Initiative: An interdisciplinary study of a multi-year drought on the Canadian prairies
Han-Cheol Lim, Suhee Park, Hyun-Suk Kang, and Won-Tae KwonA Diagnostic Case Study of the Extreme Summer Drought over East Asia in 1994
Juan-Matias Mendez-Perez and Victor Magaņa VictorSpatial-temporal variability of meteorological drought over Mexico
Kingtse MoHydro-climate conditions over the United States for the water year 2008
Sharon NicholsonThe physical basis for drought in West Africa
Stefan NiemeyerTowards a European Drought Observatory
Anup K. Prasad, Ramesh P. Singh and Menas KafatosMonitoring and detection of drought conditions using Change Vector Analysis and Standardized Precipitation Index over India
Gerard van der SchrierRobustness of the self-calibrating Palmer Drought Severity Index
Chung-Hsiung SuiA pilot study of spring droughts and early warning in Taiwan
Huug van den DoolThe Multi-Model Approach for Soil Moisture Analyses in the Absence of Verification Data
Renguang Wu and James L. Kinter IIIRelationship of U.S. droughts with SST and soil moisture: Distinguishing the time scale of droughts
Youlong Xia, Kenneth Mitchell, Eric Wood, and the NLDAS teamConfiguration and Application of the NCEP Multi-model NLDAS System for Drought Monitoring and Prediction
Pingping Xie, Jian-Yin Liang, Anyuan Xiong, Yan ShenMingyue Chen, Robert J. Joyce, John E. Janowiak, and Phillip A. ArkinA Prototype Gauge-Satellite Merged Analysis of Daily Precipitation for Improved Real-Time Climate Monitoring

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