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33rd Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop
Review of Climate Conditions and Forecasts

Author Abstract Title
Edward Berry and Klaus WeickmannThe Great Floods of 1993 and 2008: The Roles of ENSO and the MJO/GWO
Mingyue Chen, Wanqiu Wang, and Arun KumarPredictability of monthly precipitation and temperature associated with atmospheric/land initial conditions and sea surface temperatures
Jon Gottschalck, Qin Zhang, Wanqui Wang, Yan Xue, Arun Kumar, Michelle L’Heureux, Mike Halpert MJO Event of November 2007- February 2008: Assessment of Global Impacts and Real-time Predictions
Hassan Khodabakhsh & Mina MotamediMeteorological approaches for optimize air pollution management in Esfahan
V. E. Kousky, V. B. S. Silva, and R. W. Higgins Intercomparison of Daily Precipitation Statistics for the United States in Observations, the NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis, and the NCEP/DOE Reanalysis
Douglas Le ComteU.S. Drought Highlights since October 2007
Sarah Levinson, Wanqiu Wang, and Pingping XieOceanic Surface Wind in Satellite Retrievals, NCEP Reanalyses, GFS, and CFS
Michelle L'Heureux, Arun Kumar, Gerry Bell, Mike Halpert, Wayne HigginsThe Role of the Pacific-North American (PNA) Pattern in the 2007 Arctic Sea Ice Decline
Erwin MakmurAnalyze of climate change In Java as impact global warming
Tom Murphree and David MeyerLong Term Changes in Tropical Cyclone Activity in the Western North Pacific
E-Hyung Park,Eun-Jeong Lee,Won-Tae Kwon,Song-You HongAssessment of the greenhouse gas contribution to global warming based on multi-model ensemble
Wei Shi, Lindsey Long, and Jae E. SchemmOverview of the 2008 North American Monsoon: Introducing the CPC NAME Forecast Forum
Song YangAn Overview of the Global Monsoon Systems in 2007-08

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