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33rd Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop
Climate Prediction: ENSO, MJO and Teleconnections

Author Abstract Title
Anthony BarnstonVerification of IRI's seasonal climate forecasts, 1997 to present
Emily BeckerVariability of daily precipitation over the United States
Yehui Chang, Siegfried Schubert, Max Suarez, and Duane WaliserDynamical MJO Hindcast experiments: Sensitivity to Initial Conditions and Air-Sea Coupling
Muthuvel ChelliahA probabilistic Atlantic hurricane activity forecast based on early summer atmospheric conditions
Alice M. Grimm and Marcia T. ZilliPredictability of South American Summer Monsoon Precipitation from Previous Conditions in Spring
Feng He / Zhengyu LiuThe Nature of the Decadal Variability of Surface Climate Over the North Atlantic Ocean -------- Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere-Sea Ice Interaction Organized by Damped Ocean Mode
Bhaskar Jha and Arun KumarVariability and Predictability of the seasonal mean atmospheric circulation during winter in three version of ECHAM model
Charles JonesA probabilistic view of the actvity of the Madden-Julian Oscillation
Moon-Hyun Kim, Hyun-Suk Kang, Young-Hwa Byun, Suhee Park, Won-Tae Kwon and Dong-Hoon KimEffects of the Dynamical Downscaling for Seasonal Forecast over East Asia: Wintertime Hindcast and its Analysis
Philip KlotzbachRefinements to Atlantic Basin Seasonal Hurricane Prediction from 1 December
Young-Kwon Lim, D. W. Shin, S. Cocke, T. E. LaRow, J. J. O'Brien, and E. P. ChassignetStatistical downscaling of NCEP CFS retrospective forecasts for regional climate simulation over the southeast United States
Barbara E. Mayes, Joshua M. Boustead, Jeffrey S. Boyne, Glenn R. Lussky, Craig Cogil, Richard S. RyrholmSynoptic-scale convective environment climatology by ENSO phase in the north central U.S.
Hua-lu Pan, Suranjana Saha, and the NCEP CFSRR teamStatus of the NOAA CFSRR project
Xiaohua Pan, J.Shukla and Bohua HuangThe impact of the mean state on the ENSO simulation and prediction
Kathy Pegion, Philip Pegion and Mihai SirbuSimulation and Forecast of Subseasonal Variability of Hurricane Activity
Kyong-Hwan Seo, Wanqiu Wang, Jae-Kyung SchemmTropical intraseasonal variability simulated
Jae-Kyung E. Schemm, Lindsey Long, Suranjana Saha and Shrinivas MoorthiApplication of T382 CFS Forecasts for Dynamic Hurricane Season Prediction
Augustin Vintzileos; T. Marchok; H.-L. Pan and S.J. Lord(2)Prospects for subseasonal forecasting of Atlantic Tropical Cyclone activity
Guomin WangSeasonal Prediction Research and Development at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Hui Wang, Wenhong Li, and Rong FuIntensification of summer rainfall variability in the Southeastern United States in recent decades
Min Wen, Song Yang, Augustin Vintzileos, and Wayne HigginsImpacts of Model Resolutions and Initial Conditions on Predictions of the Onset of Asian Summer Monsoon by the NCEP CFS
Yan XueThe 2007/08 La Niņa Cycle: Evolution, Prediction and Remote Oceanic Influences
Rongqian Yang, Kenneth Mitchell, and Jesse MengWinter Season Forecast Experiments with the NCEP Coupled Forecast System (CFS) Using Different Land Models and Different Initial Land States

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