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Drought Impacts, Products and User Needs


Abstract Author: Viviane Silva, Lloyd Thomas, Kenneth Pelman, Mike Halpert and Wayne Higgins

Abstract Title: An Update of the NOAA/Climate Prediction Center (CPC) GIS Project

Abstract: The climate information products developed and issued by the NOAA/NWS/NCEP/ Climate Prediction Center (CPC) are widely used across NOAA, other mission agencies, the private sector, the academic community and other organizations both in this country and abroad. CPC products have been used for the mitigation of weather-related natural disasters and used for social and economic interests in agriculture, energy, transportation, water resources, health and other sectors of the economy. In order to respond to customer demands for improved climate information, CPC is transforming its suite of climate monitoring, assessment, and forecast products into GIS format. An interactive, web-based system is under development that will allow the public to manipulate and display CPC data and derived products together with geographical information such as topography, natural features, human settlement, infrastructure, and demography. CPC is working closely with the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) team to ensure the successful implementation of the integrated national drought monitoring and forecasting system. Many CPC GIS products will be used in the creation of the drought "early warning system" which will be capable of providing accurate, timely and integrated information on drought conditions at the relevant spatial scale to facilitate proactive decision making aimed at minimizing losses associated with drought. Our GIS progress and plans for future drought-related products and services will be described.

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