NCEP/Climate Prediction Center ATLAS No. 2

Intercomparison of the NCEP/NCAR and the NASA/DAO Reanalyses (1985-1993)


We are very grateful to Eugenia Kalnay for her inspiration throughout the NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis project. We are also grateful to the entire "Reanalysis Team" at NCEP and NCAR for bringing the Reanalysis Project to fruition. Siegfried Schubert kindly supplied data from the NASA/Data Assimilation Office Reanalysis Project as well as some of the observations. Thanks also go to Bob Kistler for the figures in section 5. This work has been supported by the NOAA Office for Global Programs and by Interagency Agreement No. S-41367 under the authority of NASA/GSFC.

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