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Proceedings of the 29th Annual Climate Diagnostics & Prediction Workshop
Monona Terrace Convention Center
Madison, Wisconsin

Brown, L. An Analysis of the National Climatic Data Center Thirty-Year Temperature Normals

Carrera, M., N. Gaggini, and R. W. Higgins  Evaluation of the downstream weather impacts associated with atmospheric blocking over the Northeast Pacific in the CFS and AMIP model simulations

Castro, C. and R. Pielke  Diagnosing the effect of ENSO and PDO teleconnections on North America summer climate with the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS)

Chen, M., P. Xie, J. Janowiak and P. Arkin  Long-term trend of global land precipitation: uncertainties in gauge-based analyses

Eichler, T. and  R. W. Higgins  Northern Hemispheric Storm tracks in the NOAA/NCEP GFS and CFS Models: Climatology, Interannual Variability, and Extreme Events

Endo, H.  Cool summer over Japan in 2003 -- from the viewpoint of summer following the 2002/03 El-Niņo event 

Gochis, D. and L. Brito Castillo  Hydroclimatology of the North American monsoon region in northwest Mexico

Higgins, R. W. and H. Pan  The NOAA Climate Testbed

Higgins, R. W. and Wei Shi 
Relationships between GOC moisture surges and tropical cyclones in the eastern Pacific and Atlantic basins

Janowiak, J., P. Xie, R. Joyce, M. Chen, Y.Yarosh  Validation of daily satellite precipitation estimates over the U.S.

Johnson, R. and P. Ciesielski  Preliminary results of the NCAR ISS deployment in NAME

Kousky, V. and R. W. Higgins  Recent Evolution of the ENSO cycle

Kousky, V., J. Janowiak and R. Joyce The diurnal cycle of precipitation over the Americas based on CMORPH

Notaro, M., Z. Liu, R. Gallimore, S. Vavrus and J. Kutzbach
Simulated and observed pre-industrial to modern vegetation and climate changes

Novella, N.  A PCA Analysis of the Behavior and Evolution of Gulf Surge's at Yuma, AZ based on a 5-year Record of Increased Temporal Resolution

Peng, P., Q. Zhang, A. Kumar, H. van den Dool, W. Wang and S. Saha The forecast skill and predictability of DJF seasonal climate as seen from the NCEP CFS 24-year hindcasts

Reeves, R. and D. Gemmill Events leading to formation of a "Diagnostics Climate Center"

Weickmann, K. and E. Berry  Exploring the subseasonal weather-climate connection

Winguth, A., P. Wetzel and E. Maier-Reimer  Response of marine ecosystem changes to interannual-to-decadal climate variations in the northern oceans

Xie, P., Y. Yarosh, M. Chen, R. Joyce, J.Janowiak, and P. Arkin Diurnal Cycle of Cloud and Precipitation Associated with the North American Monsoon System: A Case Study for 2003

Yang, S., X. Ding, and D. Zheng Variations of the Great Plains Precipitation and Its Relationship with Tropical Central-Eastern Pacific SST

Yang, R. and K. Mitchell The relative impact of initial land states on warm season precipitation simulation over North America with Eta regional climate model 

Yucel, I., R. Kuligowski and D. Gochis  Evaluating the performance of satellite rainfall estimates using data from NAME program

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