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FIG. 14. Monthly time series of (a) the depth of the 20C isotherm (m), (b) 850-hPa zonal wind speed (m s-1), (c) sea-surface temperature (SST, C) (d) Outgoing Longwave Radiation (OLR, W m-2), and (e) 200-hPa height (m). Values in (a-d) are determined by averaging over the region bounded by 5N–5S and 180–100W; in (e) over the region 20N–20S and 180–100W. The solid curve in all panels shows the monthly mean values and the dashed curved shows the climatological mean. The anomalies are shown shaded, with orange (blue) shading indicating positive (negative) anomalies, except for (d) where the shading convention is reversed. The climatology and anomalies are computed with respect to the 1979–95 base period.