Standardized Runoff Index (6-Month)
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Drought Indices
   • Standardized
     Index (SPI)
       • Monitoring
       • Prediction
       • Verification

   • Palmer Drought
     Indices (PDSI)

   • Crop Moisture

   • Soil Moisture
     (based on NLDAS)

   • Standardized
     Runoff Index
     (based on NLDAS)


Surface Temperature
   • Maximum/Minimum
   • Mean

Surface Hydrology
(based on NLDAS)

   • Total Soil Moisture
   • Total SM Change
   • MOSAIC Soil
     Moisture Profile

   • NOAH Soil
     Moisture Profile

   • NOAH Soil T Profile
   • Evaporation
   • E-P
   • Runoff
   • Snow Cover
   • Snow Water Equiv.

Soil Moisture
     (based on leaky
       bucket model)

Topsoil Moisture
     (based on USDA)

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Drought Indices
Standardized Runoff Index
Topo Map
3 Month Runoff Index Ensemble
3 Month Runoff Index Mosaic
3 Month Runoff Index NOAH
3 Month Runoff Index SAC
3 Month Runoff Index VIC
Notes about this product:
  • Drought classification: D1 -0.8 > SRI > -1.2; D2 -1.3 > SRI > -1.5; D3 -1.6 > SRI > -1.8; and D4 SRI < -2.
  • Data source: North American Land Data Assimilation System (NLDAS)
  • GeoTIFF: Undefined value is -999.
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