Composite rainfall amounts for each of 66 Pacific basin stations, by ENSO status. The dotted line denotes the climatological mean rainfall for all years in the 1955-96 period, the solid line the mean for the 12 composited warm ENSO episode years, and the dashed line the mean for the 8 cold episode years. Vertical lines denote calendar year changes. Each plot shows composite rainfall for the period beginning about 5 seasons before the boreal winter of a mature episode and ending about 5 seasons after that winter. Differences between the composited rainfalls for the samples representing the warm phases of ENSO versus that of the remaining (neutral plus cold phase) years passing a 2-tailed significance test at the 0.05 level are indicated with a hollow square along the solid line. Significant differences at the 0.05 level with respect to the cold phase composi te rainfalls versus remaining (neutral plus warm phase) years are indicated with a solid square along the dashed line.