NCEP/Climate Prediction Center ATLAS No. 5

A Precipitation Climatology for Stations in the Tropical Basin; Effects of ENSO


David Unger and Michael Halpert of the Climate Prediction Center of NCEP facilitated the use of the NCDC and the NCEP/CAMS station rainfall data available, respectively. James Partain of the Pacific Region of the NWS supplied long historical records for a few other U.S.-affiliated tropical Pacific (including Hawaiian) stations. Reid Basher, Stuart Burgess and Craig Thompson were instrumental in providing clean data for some of the non-U.S.-affiliated stations. We also used Mark Morrissey's Comprehensive Pacific Rainfall Data Base. Some data were obtained from local station weather offices through e-mail, facsimile or even telephone or personal visits, such as some of the data from Fiji (through Bruce Ereckson, Janita Pahalad and Rajendra Prasad), Samoa, and Kiribati (through the kindness of Tekena Teitiba). We appreciate the comments of Charles Guard on an initial version of this atlas. Last but not least, we greatly appreciate the continuous support given by Dick Hagemeyer, director of NWS in Pacific region.

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